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About Artshark...

Mission Statement

Our Story

Our purpose:

Giving independent artists a platform to share their work and build off of each other's progress.

ArtShark is a non profit started by Kyle Boone, Tyler Davis, Patricia Harden, Ryan Williams, Xandro Xu and Isaiah Muhammad. Backed by project 440 and $500 of seed money, the group created the website with hopes to make the world a better, more art filled place by giving artists the ability to share their works in progress and finished products with others just like them.

We give independent artists a platform to share the projects they have been working on or have finished. With our forums, artists can upload pictures, videos, audio files, or just chat about art they see and enjoy. We also realize that during the  age of COVID-19 it is harder for artists to connect and bounce ideas off each other; ArtShark is a great way to get constructive feedback and grow skills with others doing the same thing.

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