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mora-lee moore
Dec 20, 2020
In Music
Here's an arrangement that I wrote for a piece from the film "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" for 3 violins! I first watched this film about two months ago and I fell in love, so I had to learn how to play something from it. All of the original scores are for full orchestras, but I managed to write this so that I can play it myself. The youtube video for the original is linked if you want to check it out! I plan to record myself playing this today, and hopefully, I'll be able to finish editing as well. I've never synced multiple audios and videos before so posting today is not promised lol!
mora-lee moore
Dec 16, 2020
In Music
Since quarantine began, I’ve been writing arrangements and composing music, and yet I never finish them. One day I’m totally motivated, and the entire next day I’m lying in bed playing animal crossing haha! How do you stay motivated to finish your music projects?

mora-lee moore

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